Monday, June 28, 2010

East Side Cafe: Austin, TX

East Side Cafe Austin, TX

Writing a review on the East Side Cafe is truly a pleasure! I enjoyed this place so much the first time we went in 2009 that when we took our summer vacation in 2010 to the Texas Hill Country we included Austin in the trip just so I could eat there again.  

I honestly can't name just one thing I love about this place - there are just so many.  From the welcoming atmosphere of the charming old house, to the delicious selection of healthy meal choices, to the wonderful gardens in the back of the house - it's an overall exceptional dining experience.
Make sure you order the raspberry vinaigrette on your salad and I highly recommend the mushroom crepes!  In fact - they are the reason I made my family arrange our trip to include a night in Austin!

Oh -  the efforts I will go to for a good meal!  But it is truly worth it!

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